Where do your donations go?

When people give, their motivations are to help someone or something. By doing so, there are a variety of benefits to the donor but how do you know if your donation does as much as it can? How do you know if your money, your support, gets to the people who really need it? Well, in fact, it is really hard to know - you are left to trusting what an organisation says it does or simply viewing a handful of stories that show you examples of where your donation could have gone. I felt this wasn't enough.

I have worked with and assessed thousands of charities and social enterprises and, like anything in life, there can be big discrepancies between organisations both in terms of the difference they make and the way they make it. Many times people would ask me: "who should I support?", "which organisation would be a good one to donate to?".

I wanted a way to show people some of those organisations making an amazing difference and who, invariably, people had not heard of and were not getting donations from the public. Furthermore, I wanted people to have better information for making decisions - to have expert opinions and independent viewpoints. And so the Roccha Guide was born. A Guide that not only helps organisations doing amazing work get recognised and supported, it also gives the public better information before they give, before they donate.

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